Access control door interlock (man trap) boards


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Access Control Door Interlock (Man Trap) Boards


MTDC  2 Door Access Control
Door Interlock (man trap) Board

The MTDC is a 2 door access
control Interlock (man trap)
board designed to be used with two
standalone access control readers
or two networked access control
The MTDC accepts door
contact inputs and lock release inputs
from 2 access control readers and
controls the lock release functions
and traffic LED states according to
the door states and the board’s
interlock logic.


  • Accepts 12-24Vdc and drives locks
  • NC door contact inputs
  • Isolated NC door contact outputs
  • Selectable Normally Open or Normally
    No Voltage Door Release Inputs
  • Trigger Voltage input range of 5-24vdc
  • Auto re-settable fused lock Voltage
  • Normally No Voltage or Normally
    Voltage Lock Outputs
  • Traffic light outputs. Optional TLP-SS
    LED traffic lights mounted on a single
    gang stainless plate available.
  • Fire alarm override input: unlocks both
    doors and causes traffic lights to
    alternately flash.
  • Adjustable 0-60 second Interlock
    delay timer.
  • Delay timer output relay for controlling
    ventilation or other equipment during
    the delay time in the man trap space.


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TLP-SS  Traffic lights on a stainless
steel plate for use with MTDC

TLP-SS is a traffic light indicator mounted
in a single gang stainless steel plate for
use with the MTDC-1.
One Red LED and
one Green LED are used to indicate the
"stop" and "go" conditions.

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