ETS manufactures low cost illuminated warning signs for numerous applications. Custom lettering is at no extra charge


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Electronic Technical Services Inc.
211 Conchas SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Phone: 505-888-3923
Fax: 505-888-3926

Toll Free: 866-700-3923



Applications for our illuminated warning signs include:
Recording studios, Interview rooms, Medical labs,
radio stations, dark rooms, military to name a few.


Illuminated Warning signs

IWS-6x8  6" x 8" Illuminated
warning sign

The IWS-6x8 is a low cost, high quality
illuminated warning sign which operates
from 12-24vdc. Custom lettering is available
at no extra charge. Specify -R for red
background and -G for green background
colors. Custom colors and frame sizes are
avilable on request. Custom lettering and
fonts are available at no extra charge.

Stample lettering

"On Air" , "Applause" , "CT Scan in Use"
"CT Scan On" , "MRI In Use" ,"MRI On"
"Armed" ,"Do Not Enter" ,"No Entry"
"Room In Use" ,"Recording" ,"X-ray on"
"Radio Silence" ,"Laser in Use"
"Laser On" ,"Live" ,"Mic ON" ,"Stand By"
"Secure" ,"Classified" ,"Silence Please"

or Call 866-700-3923 for Pricing

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Installation Instructions

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