ETS is a  high quality contract electronics manufacturing company.  We have been in the electronic
assembly business Since 1992. Our IPC registered, assembly staff can build a wide variety of  electronic
and mechanical products.

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ETS  Production Equipment:

  • Juki 750L and Juki 760L fine pitch
    Pick and Place Machines.
  • Quad AVX400 20" Full Auto
    Screen Printer
  • Heller 1500W 5 Zone, 18" 
    Convection Reflow Oven
  • Heller 1500S 18" 
    Convection Reflow Oven
  • Manncorp manual 24
    Solder Paste Printer
  • Soltec 6621 18" Wave Solder
    Machine w/ Spray Fluxer.
  • 3 CNC Vetrical Milling Machines
    for Enclosure Modification and
    Panel Manufacturing.
  • CNC Lathe
  • 28 x 24 60Watt laser engraver.
  • Gerber Edge II label maker
  • Conceptronics Freedom SE
    BGA Rework Station
  • PDR WIC100 X-Ray
    Inspection System.
  • Olamef, APS & Hakko
    Component Processors
  • Electrovert WDC-1 Solder Fountain
  • Ideal, Eubanks, & Schleuniger
    Wire Processors
  • Weller WHA 700, Pace SMT-1160
    Hot Air Re-Work Stations
  • Pace and Hakko Solder/De-solder Stations
  • LOM II Lead Trimming Saw
  • ECD 6300 PCB Board Batch Washer
  • ScienceScope inspection system
  • Analog Oscilloscopes, DSOs, DMMs,
    Spectrum Analyzers, Generators,
    Power Supplies, Hi-Pot testers,
    Logic Analyzers, Etc.
  • Band saw, table saw, welding
    machines, dill presses, grinders,
    sanders, 40" Combination Sheet
    Metal Brake and Shear,
    corner notcher

A note on PCB flux residue and the

ETS does not use no-clean solder fluxes in its
PCB electronic assembly processes unless
requested by the customer. The use of water
soluble fluxes combined with our fresh water
cleaning process leaves circuit boards free
from flux residue and other contaminants that
can interfere with circuit operation.

We have installed an environmentally friendly
lead removal system in our electronic
assembly wash area. We are proud to say
that our waste water lead content is 30 times
lower than the maximum allowable limit set by
the state of New Mexico.

We are also fully qualified in assembling PCBs
and cables with lead free solders.


Electronic Technical Services Inc.
211 Conchas SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Phone: 505-888-3923
Fax: 505-888-3926

Toll Free: 866-700-3923



Contract Electronics Manufacturing and Electronic Assembly


Assembly and Production Services

Our skilled, IPC registered, workers can assemble a wide variety of electronic
and mechanical products. Our staff is highly experienced in building both through-hole
and surface-mount assemblies (including BGA) to IPC or J standards. Both manual and
automated production techniques are utilized. With our new precision, split-beam, SMT
placement / rework station and X-ray inspection system, we assemble PCBs
that utilize BGA technology and 0201 chip components.

We also specialize in cabinet wiring and cable assemblies. Plus, we can mill/drill your
enclosures in our machine shop


Testing and Quality Control

We have certified IPC instructors on staff that train all assembly personal to
the latest standards. This assures that a high quality of workmanship is maintained.

Our manufacturing processes conform to IPC 610, IPC620, J STD and
J STD-001FS. All PCB work is inspected under 30X microscopes. In our test
department, we have a large range of test equipment for many applications,
including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, DSOs, logic analyzers, insulation
testers etc. We also develop our own application specific test equipment for
quality and function assurance.



Parts programming

We can program and label your PLDs, EPROMs, PROMs, ISDs, FPGAs,
Micro-Controllers, etc.


Machine shop and laser engraving services


We can precision cut your electronic enclosures and panels in our CNC machine shop.
We can also engrave your logo and legends on anodized and painted surfaces. We can
cut plastics parts on our engraver as well.


Summary of Electronics Assembly Services

  • Turnkey or labor only

  • Surface mount and thru-hole soldering

  • Hand soldering

  • BGA production and rework soldering

  • X-ray and optical inspection

  • Prototype assembly

  • Pick and place

  • Reflow soldering

  • Wave soldering

  • Conformal coating

  • Potting

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Laser engraving

  • Label making

  • CNC milling of enclosures

  • Wiring

  • Cable assembly

  • Chassis assembly and wiring.

  • Parts programming and labeling

  • Debug, repair and calibrate.

  • Packaging and ship out


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