ETS is a quality manufacturer of Sound Surveillance tm audio products for use with DVRs, I/P cameras, CCTV monitors (with built in speakers), one and two way remote monitoring equipment and accessories. We manufacture pre-amplified microphones, weather resistant microphones, audio amplifiers, audio switchers, audio mixers, sound activated audio switchers, speakers and DVR interface equipment.
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It is the responsibility of the installation company and end user to install this audio surveillance equipment in compliance with state and federal privacy laws. If you are unfamiliar with these laws, consult a qualified attorney.

All ETS audio surveillance products contain warning labels that are to be posted at the installation site when required by law (this is generally all that is required). Upon request, ETS will supply additional labels free of charge.


Sound Surveillance tm Audio Security / Monitoring Products


Our 3 most popular audio surveillance kits, the SM6, the SM5 and the SMI5. All ETS
 Sound Surveillance
tm products are made in the U.S.A.



Introducing our new SM1-BP-SS-LN Boundary type, ultra low noise, high sensitivity
Ideally suited for interrogation and interview rooms.


Applications for our audio surveillance products include: remote monitoring, asset protection, theft prevention, national security, homeland security, casinos soft count rooms, booking rooms, interrogation rooms, prisons, sleep disorder centers, therapy labs, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, nanny cams, conference rooms, zoos, parking structures, stairwells, elevators, industrial process  monitoring, etc. Any where CCTV cameras are installed, ETS products can typically be installed.


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