ETS provides interconnect and interface solutions for security systems integrators. We currently
manufacture: specialized timers, relay boards, access control card reader  interface / adapters /
converters, solid state audio message recorders / players and cabling break out boards. If you
don't see what you need below, call us. In most cases, we can develop a product that will meet
your needs economically.
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  PoE  IP Camera (or other IP device)
     Specialty Products

  Access Control Card Reader
      Format Converters / Adapters.

   Audio Message Recorder / Players

Timers and Relay Boards

   CAT5 / RS232 Break Out Boards.

   Access Control Interlock Boards.

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System Integrator Specialty Products



The PCKS-EA is a device designed to locally
interrupt the power and streaming of data from
a PoE IP camera for privacy and confidentiality

All ETS products are made in the U.S.A.    

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